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Baby Blankets

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Front - Snuggle Baby Babies Super Soft Fringed Shawl
Snuggle Baby Babies Super Soft Fringed Shawl
Regular price$27.99$22.04-$24.08
Front - Baby Town Cellular Blanket
Baby Town Cellular Blanket
Regular price$25.99$25.45
Front - Larkwood Baby Blanket
Larkwood Baby Blanket
Regular price$24.99$18.40-$24.99

We offer a large range of Baby Blankets from fleece to pure cotton in a number of sizes. Generally blankets are sized as follows in size order, Crib Blankets are the smallest approximately 75cm x 75cm, Pram Blankets are larger approximately 75cm x 100cm and Cot Blankets are the largest approximately 100cm x 150cm. Made from the highest quality fabrics, we also stock Baby Sleeping Bags.